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Introduction of UNIMED

 UNIMED Pharm, Inc. is a future-oriented, honest pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1991 under the faith of “The health in life”, we have grown and extended our business in pharmaceutical and health care markets.

 We research, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of therapeutic products and OTC products as well under the strict compliance with current GMP and tight QC procedures.

 UNIMED is studying and developing constantly for the healthy and happy life of customers, and is endeavoring constantly with original (creative) ideas for the brighter future. And also, UNIMED is challenging to new possibility for the future, and this challenge will be kept the high quality and healthy life of people.

 In addition, UNIMED is an export-promising company that is engaged in the distribution of various pharmaceutical products in other countries. And we are continuously making efforts to extend our business around the world.

 We, at UNIMED, will do our best to develop and market high-quality pharmaceutical products to meet our customers’ need throughout the world.